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The media industry of Nepal has shown tremendous growth in the past decade. This period has experienced the growth of audiovisual media, such as television, radio and digital displays. Along with the new media revolution through digital and social media. Television has emerged as one of the most persuasive vehicles for advertisers to reach their target audiences not just in Nepal, but all over the world. And in view of the growing importance of television in the field of entertainment, advertising and mass communications, Media Hub's establishment has been a landmark to provide the best services.

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Media Consulting

Media Hub has been providing its services as a media consultant to numerous clients for over 20 years.

Productions and Creative Services

Our highly able camerapersons, visual editors, graphic artists and other members can produce all kinds of audio-visual matter.

Television Media Planning and Release

We are the premier television media buying company of Nepal, with regular media buying agreements on almost all Stations.

sRadio media planning and releases

Media Hub has been providing media planning and release services to numerous international and national clients.

Print Media Planning and Releases

Since its establishments, Media Hub has been facilitating print media planning and release facilitation to its clients.

Outdoor Media Services

We provide outdoor media services such as installation of hoarding boards, printing and production of flex banners and more.

Event Management

We have been managing televised events since its inception. FIFA World Cup 2010 is recent prestigious events organized on national TV stations.

Publicity Management

PR events ensures the consumers are informed of their products, offers and services. Our warm relations with all TV stations to gaining good exposure.

Media Monitoring

Media Hub has a monitoring wing dedicated to media monitoring, to make sure that our clients' advertisements are aired as they were desired.

Research & Reporting services

Media Hub also provides research and report services in the form of industry analysis, share of voice and share of expense reports etc.

Advocacy & Communication Design

Targeting the needs of certain clients, we develop communication strategies and materials for social and behavior change communication (SBCC) and advocacy.

Development Marketing

Media Hub has been involved with commercial media campaigns with top Nepali and international clients, as well as social campaigns.

Media Hub: Understand what you want!

Media Hub has the right set of expertise, more than two decades of industry experience, great industry relationships, and a good team of professionals.

Currently Running Ownership Programs

We have more than 25+ Popular Programs on Televison and YouTube. Channel

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